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Connect Your Xbox via VPN


Before using your Xbox 360, you require a Windows PC or laptop and an ethernet cable. You also need to fully complete the Windows OpenVPN Tutorial before you can complete any of the other steps in this tutorial.

Step 2

Right click the Network icon on your PC.

Step 3

Select "Open Network and Sharing Center"


Step 4

Once the Network and Sharing Center opens, click "Change Adapter Settings".


Step 5

Find the connection that states "TAP-Win32 Adapter OAS" and right click it, and select "Properties"


Step 6

Click the "Sharing" tab, and check the box to allow other users to connect through this network. Then select your wired Ethernet connection as the Home Networking Connection.


Step 7

Now connect your Ethernet cable, with one end in your PC or laptop and the other end in your Xbox.

Step 8

On your Xbox, go to the Network Settings area and make sure all settings are set to Automatic.

Step 9

Make sure you've followed the OpenVPN Tutorial and connect to your VPN.


Step 10

Once connected to OpenVPN on your PC, simply connect to Xbox Live! So long as the Ethernet cable is in both the PC and the Xbox, all Xbox Network settings are set to manual and you are connected to OpenVPN on your PC, you should be able to connect without issue!