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Connecting Smart TV or Apple TV

Unfortunately Apple TV and smart TV in general does not support OpenVPN so the only solution is to connect the TV to a VPN WiFi hotspot,

To create a VPN WiFi hotspot you have 2 choices:

A- Using a laptop or a computer with WiFi adapter, you can create a WiFi hotspot using software like "connectify"
You can test this solution but the speed may be affected. (simply connect to VPN server and start the hotspot from that connection)

B- Using a DD-WRT access point, this is the most secure and best performance solution since it has a good WiFi signal range and speed and it will always remain connected to the server also all your devices will be protected without any additional software .

To check your access point for DD-WRT compatibility, refer to DD-WRT website here.

If you already have DD-WRT installed on your access point, refer to this guide.

Please don't hesitate to contact support if you need any help.